Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Katiuska's Story

"Katiuska" was born in some country in East Europe.
She was so poor living with several siblings in a tiny house that she thought joining a marriage agency she could have a better life in the west.Anastacia was a lovely 18 years old blond
with blue eyes.

An american individual named " Michael" contacted her via letters.
"Michael" was a 220 pounds individual, 60 years old and pride in himself.He had told
"he was a suceessful businessman in the west coast with a huge mansion and a sports car".

When Katiuska arrived,she realised that 'Michael" was a poor retiree,renting his own
rooms to 2 tenants.The sports car was a 1982 old chevy pick up with the shattered wind
shields.And the successful business was charging the monthly rent to the tenants.

Katiuska felt disappinted.She decided to keep her options open and began to write
another guy in Sacramento.
Michael found out about this ,but keep quiet.

"Michael" decided to make a trip to Katiuska's native country to visit her mother.Katiuska
and "Michael" went to the East Europe country and visited Katiuska's mother.
Both "Michael" and Katiuska returned to the U.S.

Two weeks later,Katiuska's boss called home to ask "why Katiuska is not coming to
"Michael" said "She returned to her native country and refused to come back to the U.S
with me".
Katiuska's boss was suspicious and called the cops.
The police found out that Katiuska was in the list of passengers of American Airlines which
returned to the U.S within the 2 weeks she disappeared.
The police got a warrand and search "Michael" property.
In "Michael" s backyard,Katiuska's body was buried.
"Michael " went to a temporary arrest and in the meantime was emailing
"Eastern European Brides" to look for another overseas bride to bring to the U.S.

Alicia's Story

Alicia was a hard working woman from a country in the third world.She was working
as a saleswoman in her native country.Alicia was stunningly beautiful.
A 61 year old American suitor contacted her for dating reasons throught a marriage agency
based in Houston.
She married "Beau" within 2 months of being met.

"Beau" filed for a spousal visa.Alicia arrived to Reno.Once there,"Beau" took her
passport and sent her to work in a brothel."Beau" threated her to kill her if
she refused to cooperate.

Alicia could escape from that brothel thru a friend at church .Thanks to a catholic
church association ,Alician could come back to her native country.

Liliana' s Story

Liliana was 34 years old when she joined a Club of American Single Guys somewhere in
the third world.

Liliana was a simple primary school teacher who was too old to find suitable partner in
her native country.Her plan was to live with a suitable individual in her country or
She went to the Club's socials that took place in her native country.It was intimidating
for Liliana.It was a huge dance room with 600 women of all ages,backgrounds,faces and
beautiful dresses.Liliana,had come with her working clothes to the party.She felt
inadequate and ugly.
All the night,Liliana was ignored by the merely 20 American single men who were there.
They were introducing them one by one: They were mostly senior citizens ,mostly
retirees with likings of have pure fun.

Liliana,waited 7 hours with other older women sipping old water while the
senior citizens were dancing with the younger ones.
Liliana,knew that she had to work the next day,so,She left.

Four months later,a 66 years old contacted her with an unusual attention that
scared her.He said "he couldn't sleep when he called her up over the phone".
Liliana believed so.
The 66 years old " Bob" traveled to Liliana's native country and told her that
she need to stay with him in a hotel for a week.
The first thing "Bob"did was taking Liliana's pictures in swimmsuit.
"Be sexy,Liliana,press your boobs together for the picture !"
Liliana felt weird.
Liliana thought all that weird moment is the price for having a husband.
Liliana and "Bob" went down to "Friday's and asked for margaritas.
Liliana said "I need to go to the restroom and left for a moment".
When Liliana came back,she sipped the margarita and felt strange.
Liliana went to the hotel room with "Bob" and fel asleep.
When Liliana woke up ,she was naked and "Bob" was sucking her breasts.
Again,Liliana protested and "Bob" slapped her in the face.
Liliana went home and told everything to her Mother.
Liliana's mother said : "Marriage,Husband are not easy to find...and you are getting
older...accept Mr Bob that seems a very good bachelor ".
For Liliana ,who was old fashioned,her Mother's word was sacred.
Liliana accepted "Bob" and married him.
Hours before the marriage,Liliana had gone to the courthouse to do the final touchs
to the ceremony."Bob" said he would stay to have some beers at the bar until she returned.
When Liliana took the taxi cab ,she saw 'Bob" going away to another direction,towards the
residences and apartments.
Liliana came back and "Bob" wasn't there.
Two hour later,"Bob" returned and they married.
"Bob" had to returned to the U.S the next day with his promise of filing a visa for her.
"Bob" disappered from Liliana's life within a week.
"Bob" never called,visited or even left a note.
Liliana waited 1 year and a half before filing for divorce.
Reason: Abandonement.

Rosa' s Story

Rosa was 26 years old when she joined a marriage agency.Her future was somber and poor
and all she wanted was a better life.

Rosa joined "Orient Doves" .Soon, a guy from North Carolina responded to her letters.The
guy defined himself as wealthy,good looking,50 years old "young" attorney who lived near
Rosa by the time,had a tourist visa and things developped quite quickly.

The attorney 'Howard" had phone her to tell her itinerary included paid hotel and ticket
while they were there.
The attorney had bought a ticket from Taca with a lot of stops: San Jose,Costa Rica,
San Salvador,El Salvador ,Guatemala City,Guatemala,Miami,Atlanta and finally the
airport in Raleigh-Durham.

Rosa arrived and she saw a strange looking man,thin,with spectacles,and 2 children.
Once in the S.U.V,the children began to make noises and racist remarks toward Rosa.
Rosa kept quiet due to her limited english skills.She could understand the basics,but
not all.
After 4 hours of travel to "Howard" residence,Rosa was confused.Did she had understood
a paid hotel or his residence?
Anyway,Rosa kept quiet and said nothing.
The journey passed without problems.'Howard" invited her to lunch or to dine.
One morning,Rosa woke up and put her undergarments to wash in the laundry machine.
After 1 hour,she came back to pick up her underwear.
It was gone.
Rosa,confused,kept quiet maybe thinking ,the underwear was simply lost.

"Howard",then insisted in taking Rosa to a beach house near a military base in the coast.
The beach was beautiful,but water was cold.
Everything was all right until the third day,'Howard" raped Rosa.
Rosa was taken by some beach vacationeers to a local police when they heared the screams and back to her country...without her passport and belongings.
Rosa is currently living in her native country.

Marisa' s Story

Living in a third world country is not easy.Being a woman does not help either.

This is story of Marisa .
She was a young girl,who lived in a third world country I won't name.Marisa by
11,was molested by a doctor while in a hospital.Her parents never sue anybody.They preferred
Marisa forget the incident and keep with her life.
Marisa's life was not happy either.Her father was a violent man and usually beat her up
along with her siblings.The mother never meddled saying that familiar unity and marriage
was sacred and needed to be preserved.
Marisa and her siblings never knew what was a stable home.

When Marisa was 17 years old,she joined a marriage agency based in Berlin.
Within a couple of weeks,tons of letters came from all kinds of available bachelors
throught all Europe.French college students,Spanish doctors,Finnish workers,
British retirees, and German "businessmen".They ranked from all the ages ,to
all looks,to all personalities ,preferences and tastes.
They were fat,short,bald,toothless,gray haired,ignorant or
educated,young,learned or worldly.
Marisa's first choice was a Dannish individual who claimed to be "millionaire".
The individual in question arrived to the airport with a dirty bag,used shoes,a bag full of
groceries and old The Doors ' records.
The individual "Kurt " had a strange tic,that he couldn't stop to keep his tongue inside
his mouth for long.
He had told Marisa that he loved women with slim bodies and she needed to
lose some weight ,despite Marisa 's current weight was 110 pounds.
Marisa' s began to diet and provocked herself a hemorraghe.She also was told to
wear a bra because "Kurt" liked "perky women".
Something happened with "Kurt" and
"How pretty are the women in Colombia?" asked "Kurt"
"I do not know " replied Marisa.
The next day,"Kurt" was eyeing Marisa's younger sister of 14 years old ,Catalina and
taking many pictures of her.
Marisa saw that and said nothing maybe "Kurt" is just being nice.
The day on which "Kurt" left for Denmark said to Marisa
"I had had seconds thoughts and I prefer we remain good friends...I got to make a
trip to Colombia,it is a beautiful country I need to visit".

Marisa keep on searching until one German small businessman arrived. "Frank" was
everything Marisa could wish for: tall,handsome,relatively financially well.
They dated for 6 months until Marisa was able to travel to Germany.
Once in Germany,Frank's family got into an argument for money.They were asking
Marisa's family to pay for her German's school.
Then,Marisa's family given up,her Mother had to pawn all her belongings back home(furniture,
her wedding ring and her husband's, and other miscellaneous ) to cover Marisa's cost
of the German's language school.
In July,Marisa and 'Frank" made a trip to Greece where he had a common friend.They
stayed for a few weeks.Marisa,happy for the trip,took Frank's camera but nervous,
let it fell down."Frank" beated her up for 15 minutes.
Marisa's with all the wounds on her face kept quiet.She was only an inmigrant
with no rights in Germany,nor Greece.
Five years later,Marisa left "Frank" to work in Spain as an escort.